July 4, 2010

Party Crashers

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Upon reading the angry, silly, petty, vitriolic, backbiting comments under a news publication website’s “Top 100 Things About America” on a 4th of July:

Alright, look – 364 days of the year I have to accept all the horrible stories of scandal and injustice and misguided policy that get reported, shuddering to think of those that don’t.   Plus, on the internet, I have to accept the horrid anti-patriotic self-hatred from both ends of the spectrum, plus the endless gleeful schadenfreude taunts of outsiders, who take no small pleasure in bashing the last peoples on Earth it is politically acceptable to despise.  Much of the abuse is well-deserved abuse, and I have thick skin for the expected Internet nitpicking and  axe-grinding hysterics.
But it’s OUR birthday, today, and we’re entitled to a tribal shout – call it any -ism you want.   Whether or not the US can, or still needs to, claim the hegemony it once had, let sobering thoughts of humility and responsibility occupy us on any other day.  This one day, just this ONE DAY of this whole lousy year in this whole lousy era, leave us alone with our celebration and our cultural symbols and mythology, let us just flag-wave like we used to.  Today, I offer a hearty F*CK YOU, world:  The USA is #1.


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