June 23, 2010

Mind as a Function of Brain

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>The mind is nothing but an emergent quality of a sufficiently complex neural network. Consciousness exists as a physical brain-state, its spacial dimensions consisting of electrical activity, chemical interactions, and the tissues that support them.
This is true, but it’s reduction to the point of absurdity. It’s as though you’re saying the entire phenomenon of the global internet and its attendant culture emerged ex nihilo from a system of silicon transistors.     It’s emergent but not SELF-emergent – the mind may be shaped and defined by its container but is not its container as a container does not spontaneously generate its contents.    You’re ignoring any input of other biological systems, sensory stimuli, instinct, chemical and physical alteration, and of course human interaction, language and culture.

>The mind is not some metaphysical force or spiritually transcendent entity…

Well, see, yeah, but, you know, man, that’s like, pfft, now you’re hitting the wall of imprecise terminology – that which we call the mind has more definitions than you’re allowing for, depending on context – philosophy, literature, psychology and cognition… The mind wanders, the mind is eased, one minds himself, one loses one’s mind – these are just idioms but there’s a truth there.

> – it does not exist apart from the material structure of the brain.
Not yet. And we in 2010 can’t say that it never will – we should know better than that.  Sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic, and all…



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