March 20, 2010

Cho Business

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To the Entertainment Editor:Image

Regarding the March 20 issue’s review of our movie (“I Like Me: Margaret Cho Live at the Fondant Theatre”):

Your movie critic S. J. Perelman may have his finger on the pulse of a third-wave TV Generation, the 18- and under set, but he has no right to criticize Margaret Cho’s movie debut in terms of “comedy” or “laugh-factor,” two agendas which the opus of her career thus far has never been intended to fulfill.

As the producer of the theatrical release of her doing her stand-up act for a hometown crowd of her fawning friends, it was my decision to include, in the final cut, over 74 minutes of her impression of her nagging mother.  That’s over an hour nonstop of her unique brand of stiff-necked screaming.  Not since Jackie Mason and Freddie Prinze has anyone so shamelessly satyrized their own ethnic heritage, and I don’t mean with the gently self-depricating humour based on the knowledge of how universal the human condition, with insight and warmth and respect.  I’m talking about the shameless mugging stereotype to be mocked and milked for the approval of his/her largely Anglo audience.  It’s all about breaking down barriers of what is and is not OK to make fun of.  Now, when someone thinks of scrunch-faced, squinty-eyed, screeching-at-the-top-of-her-lungs Asian woman, cheap and petty and too ethnic to absorb American values and too stupid to speak English correctly, they’ll think Margaret !    Or, more specifically, Margaret’s impression of her mom !

Further, we decided to call the movie Margaret’s “one-woman show,” because it’s every bit as important as “real theater”.  Don’t believe me ?    Then check out her insightful and daring criticism of Hollywood and show biz and celebrity, how it’s all about money and how people in Tinsel Town aren’t as nice as you might think.  Who before has ever stood up and said aloud, “You know, this whole Hollywood thing is actually just one big machine” ?   I mean, whoa, wait a minute !

Only Margaret has the (pardon the expression) testicles, the male sex organs, to lash out at the System which has been so very good to her.

Only Margaret Cho has the courage to bite the hand that fed her and fed her and fed her .

Also she talks about her boyfriend and his penis, which most of the Fondant Theatre audience can really relate to in a special way in that they are mostly homosexual males and are very fond of penises.  It’s a homecoming for Margaret in more ways than one, because her act is kind of a refined form of diatribe that you can close your eyes and imagine overhearing from any pudgy sophomore faghag in some late night bohemian IHOP.   She has an undeniable kinship with the similarly “unfunny” entertainer Better Midler of a generation ago, except no song and dance:  Cho is keeping it real.   Her act doesn’t need bells and whistles, it just keeps giving and giving.   And on the silver screen, Margaret Cho’s own tepid, petualnt, whiny sarcasm sparkles!

But that’s not enough, is it, Mr. Perelman ?  Oh, we demand that the comedienne be funny, too, huh, else it just won’t satisfy Mr. Bigtime Critic and his narrow little view of what is entertaining.  Philistine !     Maybe Margaret Cho doesn’t fit your expectations of what stand-up comedy is supposed to be.  Maybe Margaret Cho is on a whole different level.  The level of the one-woman show, without a script, without a plot, without a plan, without a punchline, without a point.  We were just happy to be able to capture just a few moments of her genius on strips of cellulite, to preserve Margaret Cho’s impression of her mother’s voice on her answering machine, for posterity, for eternity.


Vic Attache

Producer, I Like Me: Margaret Cho Live at the Fondant Theatre


March 11, 2010

Cocaine on the Moon

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This Has Been Stepped-On

“Hey guys, it’s me, Neil.   I was just thinking, you know, check it out :  I’m climbing down and just about to make this one little footstep here, and you know, I’m just this GUY, you know, who am I, right ?   I’m just this guy, you know, but I’m gonna take this step here, but really, when you think about it, isn’t it everyone here making this with me, like we’re all just reaching out and making this big giant huge leap onto this, like, this whole other PLANET, all together, like all of mankind and shit, you know, POW!!!!, we’re on the moon, it’s like energy, it’s an energy system, you know, it’s like FUCK all those, those, those, those, you know, those cynical pencil pushers, you know, pundits and naysayers and, you know, I don’t know, you know, I mean just fuck them, cause you know ?   Anyway, just, whatever, so, what’s going on with you ?”

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