August 2, 2009

Stran Wallough’s Song

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I don’t know what this is.  I don’t even know what the proper date was that I wrote it.   The date of the file I  found it in is 8/15/99, which I’m sure was when I got that year’s PC and not the real date of composition.   I remember very clearly I was compelled to write in some sort of semi-Gaelic gibberish one night – the sound of the words were in my head, and I spelled them out the best I could.     There was no particular prompt for me to do this.    I don’t believe in spirits or automatic writing or any of that folderol/fiddlefaddle.   Except for this one time, just this ONE time, I think a distant ancestor sang this song through me.   Which is nonsense, of course, because such things don’t exist.    If it makes any damn bit, the SLIGHTEST bit, of sense to anyone anywhere, let me know.

photo: Ed O'Keefe

Stran Wallough’s Song

…Lyll fare dost gowna pullep dun    
An whae ye nosfrum milberg flae    
Heolberd gasstle cumma bryde     
Reltinwyde och nie Phillip bye  
Od na wie perin fal tin drye
   Helloch rot an weir ginna destil    
Wech Faltinbode rellig gae    
Hyosset gelf da ulfin ges
    Long da gow dae Caefen ness
     Perin fell a wulf da pinny
      Grae dell moont, weil cike a moont      
Til a brod a we bin later, duin alde rest    
Pelch na rae fiel nought a boon   
Bel roch a laefin ruchebun     
Oech nough a lydie messel shaen     
Fob weiden meiddle luss galaen   


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