May 30, 2009

Doug Berman, feature producer for NPR, leaves a message for Tom and Ray, Hosts of NPR’s “Car Talk”

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Hey fellahs, great show again this week.  I wanted to get through before we hit the tunnel.    Uh, I know we’ve talked about this before, but Mr. Turnhauer  just called again and…  well, make a long story short:

      “The sponsor is   Sit for less dot com – sit… FORRRR… less dot com.   You don’t need to punch the ‘sit’ or the ‘less,’ you need to punch the ‘for’ – in fact, and I’m not trying to take the HAHvahd Sqaure out of you, here, but you need to OVER-enunciate the ‘FORRRRRRR.’    … When you rush through it, or even when you slow it down, either way it still sounds like you’re saying ‘syphilis dot com.’    ‘Sit For Less’, ‘Syphilis’ – I mean, not a big deal, guys, but just that it’s im-





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