April 26, 2009

A Word from former President Gerald Ford

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Oh, they all laughed at me in ’76.

That’s right, laugh at the big clumsy stumblebum – just one more entertainment for the Bicentennial – the Tall Ships and President Doofus.

Mr. Full Presidential Pardon for Nixon, Mr. Peaked-in-College, Mr. Fall Over My Own Feet, Mr. Lost to Carter in a Walk.

They all thought I was crazy.

Swine Flu ?,” they said. “You’re spending millions to stop an outbreak of something called ‘swine flu’ ? Go to bed, old man !”

That Chevy Chase and Lorne Michaels and Garry Trudeau, laughing in my FACE.

33 years later – oh, we’re singing a different TUNE NOW, aren’t we ?

Kiss my ass, America.


Edit – this would’ve been much funnier had there actually been a deadly epidemic.   But, that’s showbiz.


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