December 10, 2008

My Conversation with Lorne Michaels

Filed under: Entertainment — boomaga @ 6:33 am

“By the way, I don’t know if I told you this, I’m planning on doing a new thing, a prime-time thing, kind of like 30 Rock, BUT it’s a behind-the-scenes at a struggling late night talk show.    So it’s a real talk show but it’s also a show behind the show, like 30 Rock.

“This great new kid, Adam Sa- no, excuse me, Samberg, Andy Samberg, and he’s going to be playing this kind of schticky, rumple-haired hambone mug-monster who’s secretly an idiot, and he’s the host of a talk show.  And his producer is played by someone, anyone, really, I dunno, and I’m just blue-skying here but you know just for example, say, someone really who doesn’t DO television, and without anyone in particular in mind let’s just say hypothetically that the part’s written for Rip Torn,… you know, IF he did television,… and you know, you know, he’s the big shot producer that everyone acts like they loathe but secretly they all just admire the hell out of him because he’s the guy who put it all together, you know, and that’s ME, ’cause I’m in the show. ” (more…)


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