October 19, 2008

Name the Twins

Filed under: Our World — boomaga @ 5:01 am

  1. Sacco and Vanzetti

  2. Lerner and Lowe

  3. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

  4. Fred and Ethel Mertz

  5. Salt ‘n Pepa

  6. Yoiks and Away

  7. Shakerattle and Roll

  8. Guildencrantz and Morgenstern

  9. Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham

  10. Mac and Cheese

  11. Scout and Boo Radley

  12. Rosanna and Africa Totorules

  13. Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat

  14. Poppycock and Balderdash

  15. T. and A.

  16. Young’un and Littletoot

  17. Destined and Doomed

  18. Tom and Turkey

  19. Dick and Trickle

  20. Harry and Sally

  21. Hagar and Horrible

  22. Mensch and Ubermensch

  23. Foreman and “ALI, BUMAYAY ! ALI, BUMAYAY !”

  24. Belle and Sebastian

  25. Pork and Beans

  26. Epidural and Episiotomy

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