May 10, 2007


Filed under: Our World — boomaga @ 9:06 am

(Attributed falsely to Ogden Nash)

Through peatboggy paddocks
Lumbers the Lumbering Lummox
He hates halibut and haddocks
Cause they flummox his stomachs

He prefers prickly pears
and pineapple parfaits
He downs half a dozen
And dozes for days

He’s fearsome and then some !
Not handsome or fulsome
Lives here some and there some
Which is certainly not wholesome

Indecent, indulgent,
Insane to the core
Invite him indoors,
And he’ll strip to his drawers

And he’ll dribble and wobble
And he’ll make ladies shout
By waving his willy
Saying “Hey, check this out !”

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