September 11, 2015

Let Us Now Praise Famous Me

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Let Us Now Praise Famous Me

by “Tintinnatus” a humble citizen of the Republic

    Please allow me to introduce myself, even though I need no introduction.

     You all know me.  You know what I stand for.  I’m a man of means, a man of great wealth. I like making money and I’m good at it.  I’m very very great at money.  And I am the wealthy man I am today because of America.  And I will never forget that.

     I will never forget my roots.  And that keeps me humble.  I am a man of immense humility.   My modesty knows no bounds.    And I hope you’ll forgive me if I get a little quotatious here – you know, I went to the Wharton School, which is a very famous college university – but if I have, quote, “Slipped the syrupy bounds of earth and slapped the face of gods,” it is only because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.   Great men, like Ronald Reagan.   Now, there was a man who knew what America is about and for !   Let’s have a hand for Ronald Reagan.

     If there’s any regular Joe like me who has dared to dream, dared to achieve, to achieve a dream of daring, and doing, then I have.  I would always be grateful to those who helped me – except in my case, nobody helped me, I did all the daring and dreaming on my own, as an entrepreneur, as a real estate developer, as a creator of the most successful entertainment resorts and casinos the world has ever seen, as a media brand, as a beloved celebrity personality (practically American royalty, if we’re real honest !), as board game creator, author of over-sized hardback books, as an architect and inventor of both a fantastic new railroad steel alloy and the “reverse mullet” hairstyle (party up top, business in the back).

     As I mentioned, I went to the Edith Wharton School of Business and Interior Design, which is in Pennsylvania and is very prestigious, as you know unless you’re a loser.  These we hard years for me – hard times for the son of a simple millionaire slum lord.  But when times are hard I am harder.  Hard-headed.  Hard-hearted.

The doctors told my father I needed corrective shoes, so you know what he did ?   He spent a million dollars to create a pair with special bootstraps I could pull myself up with, up and down the stairs to class.  And what I learned in that class was this:   that there’s a working class, and an upper class, a freshman and a senior class, and then there’s people with NO class like Rosie.

     What do all these classical people have in common ?   They KNOW me.   They know what I stand for.

     Now as you know, I can make America great again – and again, and again, and again. Because I can make myself great.  You can take all my money away from me, and I would still have money.  Now some have said I have been bad with money before – I lost money, I declared bankruptcy, I borrowed, I spent unwisely, over and over.   Yet here I am, and I think that tells the story right there.   I’m very very rich, and those loser critics, THEY are down there, you know, not anything at all. They’re basically losers, is what I’m saying.

     America is great.   Or rather, before the current regime, it WAS great.  We have a problem in America !  It’s called a border.  Too many of THOSE people, and I think you know which people I’m talking about, I assume, many of them no good, bad people, are threatening to tear our country down by emigrating north of the border if I am elected.   But if I’m elected, I will build a wall that will stretch from Maine to Puget Sound to protect our northern border.  Those losers will not be allowed to excape.  For those people I say, love it or leave it to me !

     So, you know me, and you know what I stand for.  I stand tall in the saddle, like Ronald Reagan did.   I have nothing to gain by putting myself out there, spending my own money.  Nothing !   I make more money eating crackers on the john than I do pandering to some yokels from the sticks. So why am I doing this, putting my face on every screen and paper, buying the ads, buying the crowds, buying the airtime, buying the polls, increasing my brand when I don’t even have a show anymore ?

     Here’s a hint, people:  it has nothing to do with ego.  It’s simply the principle.  The principle interest. It’s spending cash for cache. Listen, I am a great, great, wealthy man, and getting greater every day.  Because to make America great, it’s going to take a great man to take and make it great.  It’s a little something I call “my civic duty.”   Something my opponents, whoever they turn out to be, know nothing about.

     Let me tell you a little story.   A while ago, I bought a thing and I put my name on it.   You all know my name, I don’t like to brag, but it’s famous.   Today that thing is worth over a billion.

     And that’s why I know you know me.  And you know what I stand for.  Let me spell it out for you.   Two words:      Total.  Electability.

It’s been a pleasure, I love the Bible and America, and your town is my favorite place in the world.




June 27, 2011


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 Dust off some of this new and gently abused gear and throw it into your own workspace or rumpus room !


Check me out:

(8) Coelecanth Mini Lobefins $1,500.00ea
(1) Martin Lawrence WAZUP Package incl. Fatsuit Generator & Case $15,000.00
(1) Hastings tapestry frame 224′ w/ 1066 clips and spears
(2) 15″ (diag.) Monitor Lizards
(1) Apollo 18 Lunar Module, never used, $2.5b
(5) Dismal Sciences 15″x23″ Club Truss 10′ (hiatal, rictus) $400.00ea
(2) John Doe gas-powered corn re-tassler $2000.00
(16) Robert Altman Dialoguers (sorry, layered only) $1,000.00
(200+) Black Eyed Peas, the kind you eat, $0.01 ea
(32) Packs of .3125 Inch Lilly Allen wrenches will fit 5/16″ nuts and bonkers
(1) HangRround Elderly Mobility Scooter, handlebar tassles and suicide prevention lockout circuit $7000.00 obo
(54) Lockheed-Kelloggs military-issue stealth cereal decruncher $45.00ea
(2) Rollie security fingers “Shur-Grip-Tite”  $6.50ea (mustache wax incl.)
(12) Tachi Station power converters $11.00parsecs
(1) set Roache-Phazer vaccine pods and liquidation tank (horse available, call for details)

June 22, 2011

Mic-Pre Shootout 2003

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Neve 1272

Neve 1272, my favorite pre of all time

In honor of Sweetwater’s GearFest (leaving tomorrow)…

WHEW, thought I had lost them !

I recovered the notes for the mic-pre shootout we did at MTSU some years ago.    I’d actually forgotten that the band I was playing bass for and had recorded had a blogger page for the school project.

I can’t imagine who might be interested, but here too is the Heller’s Blazingstar band recording diary.


MIC PRE SHOOTOUT, MTSU Studio A, 10/22/03

Also, now that I think about it, didn’t Doug Mitchell look a lot like Richard Branson ? :

Doug Mitchell w/ Eddie Kramer

Doug Mitchell w/ Eddie Kramer


Audio Postproduction + FNB Uploaded !

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I’m headed to Indiana to GearFest at Sweetwater, and I’m reeeeely reeeely aiming to shake hands with a new career, so I must have something to show.   Time to not just have a demo reel on DVD (although not having the 5.1 mixes is a drag) but to just have them up on the Tubes.   It looks like the one based on that famous “Big Damn Boat Won’t Never Sink” movie won’t make it past the no-funners,…   well, okay, fair enough…  I hoped inverting the video would be sufficient to fool the system…  Look, clips to score that are dynamic and interesting don’t grow on trees, but…    Okay, well, if the link to the clip says that it’s disabled in your country, don’t be surprised.

The others seem good, though.   I also re-rendered them to play in sequence so one can see the effects of Effects and Scoring, and just how hard I work at getting the hits to hit on the hits.

aaaaaand then there’s …


Yes, this is it.   I’ve been threatening to put it out there, so here it is – about half of the length of the full length track.

Oh, and uh did I mention VIDEO …  (well, a Fraps capture of eyecandy)…

May 22, 2011

Meanings of words quietly pass away after prolonged internet

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April 30, 2011

Innovation reinvented

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Nintendo Project Cafe

Nintendo Project Cafe preview slide

“Innovation reinvented”
wut ?
That’s the kind of meaningless marketing-departmentese language that gives me the roll-eyes…
like “a breakthrough paradigm concept with next-gen high-density potentialities beyond current-phase levels to maximize your real-world productivity results.”      In PowerPoint if you have the Office Assistant enabled, Clippy will come around and poop out these words onto your slide on demand.


April 20, 2011


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Don’t take me down, I don’ wanna go down no more

March 24, 2011

My lengthy review of FZ & The Mothers’ “Playground Psychotics” on

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Forgive me if I’m unfairly painting with broad strokes here :  your Zappa fanatic is, to a man, each and every one, without exception, an insufferable bore.

Given his musical enlightenment, you would expect to see a golden glow around his head and blinding bursts of kundalini energy shooting out of this top of his skull.  But there he is, sitting in the shadows of a curtain-drawn room on a sunny day, attracting dust motes with his clammy kind of nervous, value-judgment-y sweat and I am positive he’s never, not even once in his life, checked into a Holiday Inn and had a Fear and Loathing moment…  and boy oh boy, does he HATE Flo & Eddie.
This little grey guy doesn’t consider anything before ’80s Zappa worthwhile and dismisses early Mothers humor as annoying, but when it comes to the 80’s albums with their negativity and the weird forcedly-provocative themes, they just get a pass.   I can hardly believe such a gross album as “Thing Fish” has so many champions, when “Playground Psychotics” is left defenseless.
Frank got dark – after being the center of a whole galaxy of freaks and weirdos in Laurel Canyon where he held court in the huge cabin, he withdrew.   He just didn’t like (most) people much, and mostly kept to the fam and the Synclavier.  But I think Frank had at least some fun touring back around the turn of the 70s, and enjoyed the company of the musicians in his band and the funny sounds they would make, and that is all over “Playground Psychotics.”
Don’t get this one if:   if you have no facility for theatre-of-the-mind and couldn’t give a sh*t less why Jeff quit the band; you’ve never seen “200 Motels” and “The Story of 200 Motels” and don’t care to; if you’ve never imagined what it’d be like to be a long haired rock musician on tour in Nixon’s America, cracking each other up, getting drunk in the lounge, making fun of the opening band, pouring beer over each other and fighting …
Howard and Mark and Frank and Jeff and Ainsley and Don and George and Dick and… they were having a great time and it’s a joy to hear it.  And it is the majority of the album, but hey, let’s say you’re not into that, well, guess what –  there are STILL plenty of musical reasons to get this album.
You’ve got your Billy the Mountain, a great rendition featuring a Rhodes solo popularly attributed to George Duke (I think it’s that Bob Harris guy – it’s not as jazzy or adept as George would’ve done it); a rare Concentration Moon followed by Mom & Dad; a great Status Back Baby; A good Sharleena and Wino and Cruisin’;  and then … there’s that John and Yoko mess that’s on there that… well, I’ve always been a fan of everyone involved and it’s historic I guess but it’s just… pretty awful.   By which I mean Yoko – she’s awful.   The song is nothing special, John is fine, Yoko is awful.  You ever see what she did to the Stones “Rock and Roll Circus” ?  She took that and poo’d right on it.  She’s awful, isn’t she ?   God, Yoko.
Now Flo & Eddie era Mothers is just one phase of many, and the “Psychotics” is a Flo & Eddie era Mothers album to get AFTER you get “200 Motels” and “Just Another Band from LA” and “Swiss Cheese-Fire!” and “Filmore East” …   But it’s fun to listen to, it’s less musique-concrete / assemblage of non-sequiteurs and more of a chronological day-in-the-life, tapes made on a plane, in a cab, in a hotel room.  PLUS it’s not too “in-joke-y,” you can actually GET what they’re saying.  I’m telling you, that Howard is a funny motherf*cker when he’s stewed.  It’s fun, and THAT’S what’s missing from the 80’s stuff, and if you’re a big “Thing Fish” fan but don’t like “Playground Psychotics,” then you’re a person whose soul is dead and has no joy inside and I want you out of my house by next week.

March 22, 2011

What Would Keep Me Playing RIFT

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Cleopatra in Meridian


I’ve just had a few days off, and have spent a lot of time playing Rift.    I’ve been playing slow, not grouping much, mostly solo questing and crafting, and tanking a few of the instances (well, Iron Tombs [there is no Iron anywhere], Deepspace Mine, King’s Breeches,…  you know, the place names in the game are really pretty boring – I swear there are places called “Abyssal Depths” and “Precipice Cliffs” “Desolate Wasteland Dunes” and, well, shit, don’t that just describe it on the nose ?).   Have a 34 Warrior Tank (Pala/Warlord/Reaver) / Dual Wield dps / experimental PvP w vindicator, a 16 Mage, and a few lowbies.   Of course one may tell you the leveling in the game is slow, slower than WoW, etc.    Whining about slow leveling is stupid, though – you’re lucky if you’re enjoying the game all the way through to your first level cap.    Then there’s the guy at work who will not bear any epeen opportunity  to go by unused, and with that infuriatingnonchalance as they tell you how they leveled to 50 several times already, or got their first 50 in just fourteen hours, staying up all night, dinging right before they had to come into work and be insufferable at you – WELL you know the type…

Here’s what I put on the debriefing when I canceled my subscription:

What could Trion do to make you want to play RIFT again ?

My response:

Better music, more music, more creative music, less “last minute” sounding, with either longer stems or a better layered approach to assembling stems into a flow.

Also:  ALL sounds slider-controllable (can’t turn down the constant  thunder).

Generally, more character to the zones (cultural references, less “tell” and more “show” b/c quest text = tl;dr just give me the quest I’m not reading that much) –

also, figure out something with racials cause as it stands there just isn’t that much different between the races, either in appearance or function in PvP or PvE or RP for that matter.

But the game is fun.   I just need to do other stuff.

I’m terrified of fitting the profile of an MMO player all too well, and my $15/mo is not a concern but my struggle to budget my time like a grown-up is.

Also in the nude:

I bought an album made in an unknown Eastern European country Finland in 2000 by a group called”Ensemble Ambrosius” playing Zappa music on traditional orchestral or period instruments, – surprisingly, they do Black Page and G-Spot Tornado and it’s really quite good, but it was a series of 4 chords into their laconic-jazz swing arrangement of Big Swifty that made me fork over cash monies for the album.

February 19, 2011

A Storytelling Lyric Appreciation of “Come Dancing” by the Kinks

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The Kinks were a good band, historically an important band, but maybe not a “great” band.  Musically this song by Ray Davies is not overly complicated to say the least, just a I – V – I / IV- I – V- I.    But these lyrics tell a story far beyond its scant syllables.


They put a parking lot on a piece of land
Where the  supermarket used to stand
Before that they put up a bowling alley

On the site that used to be the local Palais.
That’s where the big bands used to come and play.
My sister went there on a Saturday.

 Come dancing, 
 All her boyfriends used to come and call. 
 Why not come dancing, it's only natural. 

We’ve introduced the theme, we have a time setting, we have two main characters, all with great economy and direct language. The marking of time by changing structures in places we remember from childhood gives us a nostalgic feeling, and here it also brings us back over a chunk of time which is marked in decades without having to specify a year or other benchmark event. We’re in the same spot, and time passes backwards over us. “They” put up a bowling alley, they put up a supermarket, they put up a parking lot,
which has in itself a sadness, being a emptiness where something once was – a nothing replacing something functional and vital, something recreational and social, and finally beginning with a place of courtship and celebration. We also have some lovely alliteration, “parking lot” “piece of land” matching “Palais.” We have a narrator’s point of view and the other character, his sister – she goes regularly, so we can infer her age, and he does not, and we can infer his.

Another Saturday, another date.
She would be ready but she’d always make him wait.
In the hallway, in anticipation,
He didn’t know the night would end up in frustration.
He’d end up blowing all his wages for the week
All for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek.

We have an implied time of day, we have a repeated word signalling repeating action (Another… another…) Then we have a classic joke: a woman’s psychological trick. Our boy knows his sister’s scheme, and is amused, and maybe not entirely unsympathetic, towards his sister’s date. He must have been told by one of the poor blokes how much money was being splashed out for their night on the town, and may have even overheard the complaint that he was expecting more affection for that much outlay.

Come dancing,
That’s how they did it when I was just a kid,
And when they said come dancing,
My sister always did.

My sister should have come in at midnight,
And my mum would always sit up and wait.
It always ended up in a big row
When my sister used to get home late.

Again, moving forward in time, we have a total setting, we have emotions, we have a new character. Just in case you forgot she’s a teenager

Out of my window I can see them in the moonlight,
Two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate.

Sex is the furthest thing from this world – this is all still very couched and cushioned in genteel 1950’s prudery. But still he is interested enough to watch from his window. This is revealing of his age and condition. In the studio recording of course they play an angry yelling female voice here, the girl’s mother shooing away the beau.

The day they knocked down the Palais
My sister stood and cried.
The day they knocked down the Palais.
Part of her childhood died, just died.

This is the bridge, this is a great bridge, this does exactly what a bridge is supposed to do and does it so well. This moves us forward in time, this moves us to a different emotion. It’s pronounced as though it’s a capitalized event that everyone remembers.

Now, here’s the lyric that just blows me away. We’re back to the jaunty feeling of verse 1 and we’re back to the very first scene. We rocket forward in time and land in the narrator’s adulthood, and it just so happens that he is the singer of the band we’re listening to and claiming this as autobiographical.

Now I’m grown up and playing in a band,
And there’s a car park where the Palais used to stand.
My sister’s married and she lives on an estate.
Her daughters go out, now it’s her turn to wait.

 She lets them get away with things she never could, 


Brilliant full-circle ! This much narrative usually takes a whole novel. And the next line not only sets up the last chorus, but changes the interaction

But if I asked her I wonder if she would,

Come dancing,
Come on sister, have yourself a ball.
Don’t be afraid to come dancing,
It’s only natural.

Come dancing,
Just like the Palais on a Saturday.
And all her friends would come dancing
Where the big bands used to play.

Lyrics (c) 1982 Ray Davies

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